REFUGEE AND ASSYLUM POLICY: Where do things stand today? What lies ahead? What can you do to shape the future? ​


The Orange County Jewish Coalition for Refugees presents a panel discussion with legal and policy experts who will discuss current protocols and future goals for refugee children, asylum seekers on our southern border, and would-be refugees seeking to resettle in the United States from the Muslim world. Attendees will develop an understanding of the current […]

WELCOME TO PARADISE: Refugees at Home in LA (HIAS Program)

You’re invited to join the second of the series Welcome to Paradise: Refugees at Home in LA, exploring how we reaffirm our commitment to welcome the stranger amid this time of change and tumult. You’ll get to hear from Mandana Dayani, a former HIAS client and refugee from Iran who went on to become an attorney, talent agent, […]



With music and reading selections, HaNefesh will join with other congregations around the country as we bring awareness to how we can fulfill the mitzvah of caring for the stranger. Bringing together Women's History Month and Refugee Shabbat, we will examine some of the challenges women especially face today in seeking asylum and basic human […]