The OCJRC Book Club selections have been curated with an emphasis on stories of refugees from around the world. These stories explore how refugees retain their identities, create new bonds, and build a life in a new country across generations. We will focus on stories of resilience across generations and continents– stories that speak to refugee communities and to the communities that accept, bear, and reject them.

We will read one book a month, which will be accompanied by a primer with questions, contexts, and frameworks to help shape our discussions. Participants will also be presented with poems and other media to help supplement some of the Book Club gatherings. All participants are highly encouraged to bring their life experiences, stories, concerns, and questions to the discussion as we move in, out, through, between, and beyond the texts each month. All ages, identities, and perspectives are welcome!

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We meet on Fridays, monthly, at 1 pm PT from September – June.

The schedule and the books for the series are: